Born 1981 
Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel 
Graduated of the multidisciplinary art department at shenkar college

My main field of research is painting and drawing, I work with various mediums and try to develop my painting vocabulary through different materials.
The series of the dust paintings was raised out of reflections on the idea of time, memory, and documentation.
How can we document and deal with the past by reflecting it in the present.
In the past few years I conducted trials with dust- as a painting material.
The series of the dust works are generated by an ongoing process with various hand cut stencils while the canvas itself rests at the place of the image depiction. This process takes between 8 -24 months in which I return to the places to take care of the painting by fixating the dust and adding various layers. At the end of the process, the image emerges carrying within itself the inherent and site specific qualities of its habitus.
Each site has a strong connection to my biography and childhood memories- which I try to encapsulate by producing these works.

My painting research involves the connection between photography and painting and uses the painting as a medium of research. By constructing and abstracting I try to phrase a conceptual essence.